Who is ToHealth?

ToHealth will be developed by several European institutions from Poland, Spain, Italy and Germany. Each of these institutions has long lasting experience in their working field (research, development regulatory affairs, IT, e-learning services).

What is ToHealth?

ToHealth will provide an online e-learning course on medical devices focusing on regulatory affairs and requirements for placing medical devices on the market within the European Union. The ToHealth online course will include contents on the following:

  • EU Medical Device Regulatory Overview
  • Medical Device Quality System and Process Requirements
  • Medical Device Technical Specifics

For whom is ToHealth?

ToHealth is being developed for companies or organizations involved in the design, development, manufacture and/or distribution of medical technologies, medical devices and associated services as well as companies or organizations seeking to expand their business into the medical device sector. These organizations often need background information, specific advice and on-going consulting concerning the regulations and requirements applicable to their devices and activities.

The online course is intended to provide a solid body-of knowledge for training purposes for employees of these companies as well as pointers to further sourced for those who need more in-depth information.

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