Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Murnau

The Institute of Biomechanics Murnau is a research institute for orthopaedic disorders. Key activities are biomechanical research, product development, clinical research, training and education, and gait analysis. The research institute is associated to the Trauma Center Murnau, which is known for their expertise in trauma surgery.

The research institute is composed of approximately 12 employees, including six research assistants and two orthopedic surgeons.

The facility is approximately 500 square meters and includes equipment for static mechanical testing (Zwick), dynamic mechanical testing (Instron), a full machine shop, a preparation room for biological samples, a micro CT scanner (Scanco) and finite element analysis software (Ansys).

The primary research focus is mechanical testing and numerical evaluation of the interaction between implants and biological tissues in order to improve osteosynthesis techniques.

Tecno-Med Ingenieros

Tecno-med Ingenieros is a consultancy company located in Barcelona, Spain. Our goal is to provide regulatory support and expert advice for manufacturers, importers, distributors and exporters of medical devices as well as all associated service providers. We are specialists in the technical and regulatory requirements of the three principal European Directives for Medical Devices 93/42/EEC, In Vitro Diagnostics 98/79/EEC and Active Implantables 90/385/EEC.

Our group comes from an engineering background with more than 20 years technical experience within industry. Hands-on application of the requirements and constant specific training allow us to maintain close relations with Notified Bodies, Certification and Standardization Entities, Accredited Laboratories and Universities.

Currently, we provide services for most of the Spanish manufacturers and dealers.

University d'Annunzio New Enterprise Technology

Ud’ANET is a technological spin-off of “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti (IT), oriented towards designing and providing ICT technologies, digital applications and multimedia products for Universities, scientific research, public administrations, didactic in general.

The company also cares about transnational networking activities aiming to improve the use of ICT in vocational educational training, higher education, upper specific training, master and university courses.

Ud’Anet offers skills and expertise in e-learning (supporting educational systems in the management of open learning), internet & intranet (developing websites, thematic web portals and multi-modal applications for services delivery), virtual reality and interactive laboratories (development of three-dimensional virtual environments), graphic & web design (design and production).

Ud’ANET collaborates in pedagogical research for scientific education, promoting dissemination using innovation and information technology.

Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia

The Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) is a technological centre focused on scientific research, technical assessment and training on the biomechanic field. A multidisciplinary team of 250 persons constitutes the IBV staff, including engineers, medical doctors, computer specialists, physicists, biologists, physiotherapists, social workers, designers, etc. IBV has wide experience in the coordination and participation in European projects.

The IBV has wide experience in giving training courses about biomaterials and biomechanics. The Healthcare Technology area of the IBV focuses its activity in the develpment and testing of medical devices.

Federación Española de Empresas de Tecnología Sanitaria

Fenin is a multi-sector federation that groups manufacturing, import and distribution companies and associations of healthcare technologies and products whose common characteristic is that they are suppliers to all the Spanish healthcare institutions.

The companies and business associations that make up Fenin are responsible for more than 80% of the total sales to the Spanish Health Technology market, of which about 72% corresponds to the public health sector, with an approximate volume of business of some 6.600 million Euros.

The enterprises that form Fenin employ, either directly or indirectly, some 29.000 people.

Fenin gives great importance to the research and technological development of the companies that form part of the Federation, as these companies contribute healthcare products and services that help not only to improve the patients’ quality of life but also to prolong it.

Danmar Computers

Danmar Computers is an organization providing vocational training in the field of IT and developing and providing e-learning services from year 2000.

The company employs 31 people. It deals with: trainings, developing programs and training materials, counselling, designing web pages and e-learning systems.

Danmar has experience of carrying out EU educational programs, conducting research and educational activities (Grundtvig, LdV DoI, ToI, Partnerships).

All actions are based on cooperation with training and counselling institutions, universities, health cares institutions as well as private sector companies. Target groups vary depending on the training needs.

Danmar has extensive experience in developing modern web- applications for use in areas of education, research, process management and PLM systems, including integration with web 2.0. Danmar’s mission is promoting life-long education and assuring equal access to education for everyone with the use of modern technology.