The final ToHealth project meeting

At the beginning of September 2015, the final ToHealth project meeting was held in Murnau, Germany. All partners summarised activities undertaken so far, and also discussed potential ideas of expanding ToHealth in the future.

All partners were sharing their experiences gathered during the testing period and highlighted that the course was very well evaluated by its participants. ToHealth project is definitely a unique initiative that gathers all relevant and up-to-date knowledge prepared by experts in medical equipment area.

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Midterm meeting ToHealth project

"Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) organizes the midterm meeting of the ToHealth initiative that will take place next 21st october. This is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme, that aims to develop an Online training course in biomechanics, medical devices and related European regulation. The main objectives of the meeting are to review the integration and adaptation of training contents and the progress in the development of the telematics course."

To Health Course - Learning Resources and activities

The standard sessions include the following learning resources and activities:

  • Previous ideas: reflection activity prior to any new topic to enable the student to be aware of what is already known about the specific content covered in the session.
  • Objectives: each sessions has defined a set of particular objectives that the users should achieve.
  • Lessons: the lessons include the presentations of the summarized theoretical contents.
  • Teaching unit: the teaching unit consists of a document where the user can find the extended theoretical contents.
  • Activities: Each working session includes a series of exercises for the student in order to consolidate the knowledge acquired by putting them into practice, including assignments, forums to promote participation, quizzes, etc.

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Course Methodology

To Health course has been developed to be executed completely in an online environment. Taking this into account, it has also been designed to be intuitive and highly interactive with the user so as to facilitate the comprehension of the thematic contents and the achievement of the proposed learning objectives. Thus, it will include many communication and learning tools that will enable an interactive and fun time of study. This tools include:

  • Dynamic teaching units: the theoretical content of the lessons are complemented with figures, charts, schematics, etc.
  • Activities: each session includes a set of activities destined to consolidate the knowledge acquired: quizzes, assignments…
  • Forums: a place to promote participation and solve the different doubts that may arise.
  • Internal messages and email: the users have also available these personal means for contacting facilitators, professors and other students.

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