ToHealth partners are currently working on delivering e-learning platform on medical devices.

The ToHealth course will put a strong focus on regulatory affairs and requirements for placing medical devices on the market within the European Union, and will be unique by providing a seamless learning experience for all people interested in this topic.

The course content itself is going to be divided in six modules, organised by theme being described. Further down the structure, each session will follow up with introduction, lessons, exercises and teaching units, delivering specialised knowledge in an easy to understand way.

The six modules in the ToHealth course are as follows:

  • Introduction to European Medical Device Regulatory Requirements
  • Medical Device Design and DevelopmentLifecycle: focus on biomechanical devices
  • Medical Device Risk Management, Usability Engineering and Clinical Evaluation: focuson biomechanical devices
  • Medical Device Quality System Requirements
  • Medical Device Vigilance System and Post-Market Requirements
  • Biomaterials