To Health course has been developed to be executed completely in an online environment. Taking this into account, it has also been designed to be intuitive and highly interactive with the user so as to facilitate the comprehension of the thematic contents and the achievement of the proposed learning objectives. Thus, it will include many communication and learning tools that will enable an interactive and fun time of study. This tools include:

  • Dynamic teaching units: the theoretical content of the lessons are complemented with figures, charts, schematics, etc.
  • Activities: each session includes a set of activities destined to consolidate the knowledge acquired: quizzes, assignments…
  • Forums: a place to promote participation and solve the different doubts that may arise.
  • Internal messages and email: the users have also available these personal means for contacting facilitators, professors and other students.

The course is structured in six different modules and each module is composed by multiple sessions. Firstly, the user should review this guide to get to know the particularities of the course. Finally, upon completion of the modules, the user will be evaluated by means of a final exam that will allow them to get a certificate of completion.