e-Learning platform - short description

After months of intense developing of a To Health e-learning platform, which is base for materials developed within the project, we would like to introduce a project e-learning platform, based on Open Source e-learning software. We put a lot of effort to deliver user friendly system, that can help expand the knowledge of, inter alia, about Medical Devices EU regulations.

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Project meeting in Valencia

The second partnership meeting took place in Valencia, Spain on 21st of October 2014, and was hosted by IBV - Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia.

The meeting was a great opportunity for all partners to review the progress of the project and also to deliver a plan for the coming months. The work in the project is going as expected, and now partners are looking more towards the pilot phase that is scheduled for March 2015.

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ToHealth e-learning platform

ToHealth partners are currently working on delivering e-learning platform on medical devices.

The ToHealth course will put a strong focus on regulatory affairs and requirements for placing medical devices on the market within the European Union, and will be unique by providing a seamless learning experience for all people interested in this topic.

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More about ToHealt project

Companies in the Healthcare and Medical Technology sectors develop new healthcare products with high added value by applying advanced knowledge and expertise. In order to keep up to date with state of the art in the field, successfully diversify to these sectors, and to do it in a relatively short period of time, one of the key points is sufficient training of company staff in three main topics:

  • Medical Devices Regulation (EC Directives, Standards, etc.),
  • Medical Device Design and Quality Management (best practices in design and manufacturing),
  • Biomechanics and Biomaterials.

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