Clinical Movement Analysis World Conference

Rome 29th September to 4th October. Clinical Movement Analysis World Conference .The conference reflects the merging of long-standing experiences of the SIAMOC and ESMAC societies. It embodies the 15th Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Clinical Movement Analysis (SIAMOC) and the 23rd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Movement Analysis in Adults and Children (ESMAC). The conference is intended for those interested in the clinical and technical aspects of human movement analysis. The multidisciplinary event provides a vibrant and enjoyable forum for researchers and clinicians to meet and discuss how to advance the state-of-theart in movement analysis. Annual Meetings attract clinicians and researchers from multiple disciplines such as orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists, paediatricians, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists, sport scientists, mechanical/biomechanical/electrical/medical engineers, and others interested in human movement study.

Needs Analysis Questionnaire

We have uploaded the questionare template that has been used to collect expert opinions and analyse training needs. It can be found here.

Kick-off Meeting, Murnau

On December, 3rd, Danmar Computers representatives took part in a ToHealth (Online training course in biomechanics, medical devices and related European regulations) project kick-off meeting, which is coordinated by a German Biomechanics Institute from Murnau.

ToHealth project concerns the healthcare technologies sector together with all accompanying information.

The main aim for the partnership composed of four countries (Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland) is to collect current law regulations with regards to biomechanics and medical equipment, and to share them with companies that are already in the healthcare technologies sector, or are considering expanding their operations to this area.

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